"Anourj" is a musical journey between Orient and Occident, past and present, tradition and modernity. Two musicians with completely different backgrounds found each other and started a journey from one of the oldest Music Cultures to the present time: ancient Armenian songs interpreted by the singer Rita Movsesian and arranged by Bernie Rothauer. Armenian tradition meets western modernity, oriental structures in music fuse with European harmonies. Rita’s voice is being carried by synthesized sounds mixed with acoustic instruments embedded in Bernie’s contemporary arrangements. Within this field of tension arises an entirely different interpretation of these wonderful traditional and expressive melodies – far from the known clichés about the oriental music. These songs tell stories of love, longing, war and exiles. They are an expression of the destiny and the suffering of the Armenian nation.


Produced by ôbaxé-music.
Invited artists: Karim Othman Hassan (Oud), Edith Lettner (Duduk) & Georg Degenhardt (African Flute).
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