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"Mi niña Lola" & "Bintek Leyla" 

"Mi niña Lola" & "Bintek Leyla" 

In cooperation with one of the most famous contemporary Masters of Cante Flamenco, Manuel Moreno Maya “El Pele”, a unique musical idea was realized in 2014. Initiated by the Armenian-Iraqi singer Rita Movsesian, the first fusion of the very famous Andalusian copla “Mi niña Lola” and Iraqi-Arabic lyrics has been produced. Accompanied by the typical Flamenco hand clapping (palmas) and the cheering rhythm of the passionate dancer Jose Suarez “El Torombo”, a fascinating flavor of Flamenco was added. Last but not least, the skillfulness of Steve Berteletti Martín`s guitar playing completes the instrumental framework of this project. This one-of-a-kind musical arrangement is the outcome of Rita Movsesian`s cross-border projects between Andalusian and Oriental music in collaboration with cultural and musical sociologist Dr. Gerhard Steingress.

EPK - El Pele & Rita Movsesian
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